In 2017 I worked as the marketing director for Redco - Real Estate Brokerage.  I ran an in-house print shop where I developed print/promotional materials for over 30+ Redco Agents/Brokers.  I worked heavily on their social media and website elements to promote their brand and content.  Much of my work was self-driven and focused on the Real Estate Industry.  I worked one-on-on with many of the Redco Agents, each with their own preference for things like design and social media.  I developed/maintained an online design database, where pieces I worked on where uploaded, allowing agents to choose their products and purchase them straight from the database.

In addition to working with the Redco Agents, I also managed the companies advice column (blog) and ran their email interface (newsletters, announcements, etc.) through Constant Contact.  I also developed a series of recruitment materials, targeted to bring in licensed and new licensed agents.

Logo Designs & Concepts
Business Cards
Recruitment Materials
Redco University
Folder Concepts
Half-Fold Flyers
Note Cards / Post Cards
Custom Website Icons
Social Media Imagery & Blog Elements
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