Helping Hands International Services or HHIS, was created to provide social, educational, and charitable services to immigrants, refugees, and all under-served communities in Chicago.  The mission of HHIS is to offer equal opportunities to all in Chicago, and all across the globe, wherever possible.  They where an emerging charitable organization, that needed help growing their brand with a website and logo.  Work began for HHIS while I was employed with Ayana Technical Services from 2014-2016.

They already had an initial logo design in mind, so I used it as a jumping on point for their design.  Their new logo was mocked up, based off the initial design, with hands holding the Earth.  Their website follows the theme of "helping hands" and features hand vector art reaching down in the header and spread throughout their web design.  Their overall design is colorful, but has a nice balance that makes everything work well.

Logo Design
Web Design
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