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Sam Z. Designs - Digital/Media & Print Designs
Custom designs for Sam Z. Designs social media profiles, digital work/files, and print materials. Items for e-mail purpose and other designs centered around the Sam Z. Designs branding.
Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media, E-mail Content, Digital Design, Print Design, Vector Design, Branding, Marketing, Advertising
Sam Z. Designs Emojis & Channel Art
Featured of my channel/group emojis I use for streaming and discord purposes, in addition to channel art (some done by fans, others by commission)
Graphic Design, Emoji, Channel Art, Digital Coloring
Sam Z. Designs - Twitch Affiliate Design Elements
Custom branded elements for my live streaming on Twitch! Includes my current streaming layout using OBS Studio and panels/graphics used for my overlay and twitch panels.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Twitch Content Creation, Social Media, Email, Branding, Marketing, Advertising
Mt Prospect True Value
I actively work with the Mount Prospect location for the True Value Hardware Chain on maintaining the stores Facebook, Instagram, and monthly Emails through Constant Contact. Occasionally I'll do some print/digital design work as well.
Graphic Design, Print Design, Marketing, Email, Social Media
Sugar Brown Comedy
I work with Lanita, of Sugar Brown Burlesque - on promotional materials for her shows. I also update/manage her website design and events. I consult with her on social media and cross-promoting projects and design print/digital materials for some of her shows/events.
Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotional Materials, Print Materials
After 5 Klassy Shoes
After 5 Klassy Shoes is run by Vivian Jordan, who specializes in selling good, quality footwear at affordable prices. As of 2019 I've redesigned/updated her website from the previous 2018 layout I worked on. I'm also working closely with her on a series of ongoing Email Newsletters.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Social Media, Email, Marketing, Advertising, Video Work
Logo/Profile Image & Banner designs for Twitch Affiliate Streamer @Fenweekoh. Includes designs for his panels and background imagery for the stream (ex: Live, Offline, BRB, Ending).
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design, Twitch Content Creation
St. Alexander Church - Palos Heights
Worked with the church on a new website restructure. Designed new logo elements, and helped to adjust the base website construction, design, and content. My work mainly centered around website Home Page design/content in addition to general website layout.
Logo Design, Website Design
Colonial House Inn & Motel
A Vermont based bed and breakfast that needed a modernized website look and feel, and an increase in their online presence and social media. I've continued to work with the Colonial House over the last year, since terminating work original done with Ayana Technical Services. I designed/monitor their website and manage their social media.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media, Blog, Email, Newsletter, Branding, Marketing, Advertising
Inn Kitty Phin
The beloved #InnKittyPhin of the Colonial House Inn & Motel - is brand focused on the beloved fluffy kitty that resides there. I manage the Instagram/FB for this beloved guy and have a lot of fun doing it!
Social Media, Vector Design, Instagram, Facebook
Creative Crafting With Kim
Creative Crafting With Kim is a work-in-progress Facebook crafting group revolving around crafts, quilting, crochet, sewing etc. Members can share their ideas and projects, all in a fun and "crafty" base environment. This group was designed to run for the Colonial House Inn & Motel owners.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media
Super Women 2018
Updated concepts for my crafting business from 2015. Playing with re-opening my etsy store and selling crafts again. Below are some work in progress for an updated logo, based on channel art from my Twitch.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Crafting
Lord Stanley Products
Product line focused on beard care and essentials, in need of branding, promotional materials, and updated web presence. Recently updated their website to feature new responsive design and components.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Marketing, Print Materials, Promotional Materials
Kado Inc.
An up and coming charitable organization run by my good friend Yvelle France. Worked with her on a starting focus on her logo, will be working on a website soon.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design
The Dragon's Treasure
"A safe haven for anime and tea lovers!" An online tea service that specializes in selling anime character based and custom teas. I worked with them on setting up a brand new website and online store. They're currently in the search for a physical location, and I look forward to working with them further.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Ecommerce, Branding, Marketing
Zimmerman Family Reunion 2018
T-shirts and pinback button designs for my 2018 family reunion.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Garment Design
Business card designs for Twitch Affiliate Streamer @Ritz21. Consulted for new designs for cards needed for some upcoming promotional events and conventions.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Twitch Content Creation, Print Design
It's Alex Gaming
Logo/Profile Image & Banner designs for Twitch Affiliate Streamer @IIt'sAlexGaming. Need a new background banner for his live streams and image for his profile pictures.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design, Twitch Content Creation
Hitts Army
Logo design for Twitch Affiliate Streamer @jhitt24. He reached out originally looking for a cute character design, but due to his available budget decided on a nice Symbol icon with text.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design, Twitch Content Creation
Royal Descent Beauty
Royal Descent Beauty is run by Kyra Gass, who specializes in crafting natural products that provide a great alternative to other hair and body products. Her products are made from organic ingredients and hand-ground herbs. I worked with Kyra on creating a new website to improve her previous design. I also transformed her logo into a beautiful digital character and text elements.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Digital Coloring
Live Like YOU, Now!
A close friend of mine, Coach Nachi, runs Live Like YOU, Now! She is a personal development coach who works with aspiring social impactors. I work with Coach Nachi on her website, and manage her social media, in addition to helping her develop content/materials for her programs and events.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Vector Design, Website Design/Management, Social Media, Blog, Email, Newsletter, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Print Design, Promotional Materials
Scarlet Grows Gaming Group
Digital coloring projects and graphics I worked on for one of my gaming groups, the Scarlet Crows. The original artwork was drawn by TeaneyKnight.
Digital Coloring, Twitch Content Creation, Emoji Design, Vector Design
Lindsey Luber
Logo and panel designs for Twitch Affiliate Streamer @LindseyLuber. She runs the gaming group #lubersquad. I also digitally colored her emojis, with the line artwork done by an artist in my arsenal.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design, Twitch Content Creation, Emoji Creation, Digital Coloring
Do The Dew
Logo and vector designs for Twitch Affiliate Streamer @Freshavocadew. Part of the Scarlet Grows gaming group.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design
Social Media concept pieces for Live Party Love, based off some of their blog posts/articles.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Social Media
Lil Miss Adventuress
Design's I worked on for my good friend Yessenia. She's a professional traveling photographer who has some beautiful work. Her website was built using myportfolio.com (and is a work in progress). I also designed her logo and business cards.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Website Design, Photography
Vertiigo Gaming Hoodie Concepts
Hoodie designs for online contest for a popular video game streamer.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, T-shirt Design, Screen Printing
Tasty Whale Bacon Designs
Logo designs and concepts for my sister, Kristen Zimmerman, who runs Tasty Whale Bacon Designs. She does custom hand lettering and can be found on Facebook.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media, Vector Design
Eat Like You Now (ELYN)
Logo concepts for a sub-business for Live Like YOU - Now! Coaching and Mentoring.
Graphic Design, Vector Design, Logo Design
Sonic The Hedgehog Classic Game Covers
Collection of classic game covers I mocked up using original Sonic The Hedgehog video game art. This is done as a gift and was printed and placed in game covers, containing the original games they represented
Broken Doll Dreams Logo Concept
Concept logo for a starting business that specializes in corsetry and corset making.
Graphic Design, Logo Design
Super Women Crafts
Collection of designs while I ran my online craft businesses. Worked on character design, logos, products, and promotional materials.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Digital Coloring, Print Design, Promotional Materials, Vector Design, T-shirt Design, Screen Printing, Silk-Screen
Polygonal Designs & Concepts
I haven't gotten too many chances to do Polygonal pieces, but I absolutely LOVE doing them! A polygonal piece, is when you make a shape/object in square and triangle shapes. It's a fun type of design, that can often be seen in stock imagery.
Graphic Design, Polygonal Design
Hot Shots- Poison Ivy
This was a series I was playing with which involved creating imagery for Desktop Backgrounds, Calendars etc. The original concept involved creating characters of heroes/villians in The Sims 3, and using in-game photos to help create the final piece.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Burlesque Design, Sims Design
Bubble Whale Buttons
Original logo concepts for my first major craft business. I ran an online Button/Pinback Button making business that offered custom designs. I also sold Lego products/loose pieces through an Ebay store.
Logo Design, Vector Design
Rogers Metal Services
Design concepts for Rogers Metal Services, a copper/silver brazing business. Project included new logo design and a 12 month calendar.
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Promotional Materials
Design Carpet
This project was done for a design contest for Design Carpet Commercial & Residential Flooring Contractor. The design includes a new logo, business card and custom packet folder with flyer insert
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Promotional Materials
Lawn & Leaf Landscape
This was another school project for a competition. The project included design 3 advertisement size for Lawn & Lawn Landscape. One is full-size flyer, another a half-page ad, and a mini ad
Graphic Design , Logo Design, Promotional Materials, Print Design, Vector Design
Denny's Menu Concept
Menu design concept for a school project. We had to select a pre-made menu and redesign it. I chose a brochure layout for a nice Denny's menu, that includes a sub menu insert.
Graphic Design, Print Design, Promotional Materials, Menu Design
Early Work & Designs
A fun look back on some of my favorite posters I did in school
Graphic Design, Print Design, Promotional Materials
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